The Mesmerising View of Pookkottu Lake in Vayanadu!

It has been my dream since my childhood to visit Pookkoottu Lake which is only around 100 km away from my home in Malappuram, Kerala.

I was in the eleventh heaven when I was mesmerised by its sublime beauty; something that I have never been exposed to. It was difficult to say what adds to its charm: the lake, tiny red flower growing, or the surrounding views.

It was irresistible for me to take a voyage on it, enjoying it and the army of tiny black-coloured fish moving around the boat like a black giant!!

The nicely paved path leading from the highway to the depth of the spot was something remarkable and kept an ever-green effect in my life!

After the lock-down, my first destination might be this wonderful lake again. It lives in my heart as a northern star in the sky.

It is because of this sort of fascination it generates in visitors’ heart that, the lake has won an outstanding reference in my latest novel!

2 Replies to “The Mesmerising View of Pookkottu Lake in Vayanadu!”

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful comments. I was very reinforced by your appreciation of my words on Kerala and friendship. I am on the way to your site.

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