The Mesmerising View of Pookkottu Lake in Vayanadu!

It has been my dream since my childhood to visit Pookkoottu Lake which is only around 100 km away from my home in Malappuram, Kerala.

I was in the cloud nine, when I was mesmerised by its sublime beauty; something that I have never been exposed to. It was difficult to say what adds to its charm: the lake, tiny red flower growing, or the surrounding views.

It was irresistible for me to take a voyage on it, enjoying it and the army of tiny black-coloured fish moving around the boat like a black giant!!

The nicely paved path leading from the highway to the depth of the spot was something remarkable and kept an ever-green effect in my life!

After the lock-down, my first destination might be this wonderful lake again. It lives in my heart as a northern star in the sky.

It is because of this sort of fascination it generates in visitors’ heart that, the lake has won an outstanding reference in my latest novel!

Beware of Fake Blockchain Airdrops Offers!

Recently a vast majority of crypto investors were scammed by a website ( by offering fake blockchain airdrop of up to 5 BTC, once they typed their wallet address, followed by highly confidential recovery phrase of 12 words, and email address. 

The scam site opens like this:

Once you type your credentials, the page will appear like this congratulating you over winning airdrop of 2.5 BTC and will ask you to keep balance of at least 0.01 BTC in your wallet:

According to their claim, once you deposit the required amount of BTC, your airdrop fortune of 2.5 btc will be automatically added to your wallet. But unfortunately it is not what is going to happen. The moment you realise that the offer is not credited on your wallet you will definitely contact the contact email given (, which will in turn become an alarm for the scammers who are ready for reap with your secret recovery phrase to steal your full balance sending it to their crypto addresses. 

After claiming your cherished fortune they will send you another scam mail as a reply to your mail that will say if you invest 0.035 btc they will deposit 12 btc including all your deposit and offers. The wicked team claim themselves as blockchain team, which is deliberately a false claim.

The team apparently exploit the people’s fascination to the real blockchain airdrop programmes, Blockstack (STX) and Stellar( XLM) which  have been already completed on the official blockchain website ( image of which has been given below :

So crypto lovers, beware of scammers and double lock your money by sharing neither your wallet recovery 12 word passphrase nor your wallet ID.